It’s Time to Fire the Democratic Party



Since the Democratic National Committee was busted rigging their own primary in 2016, they have faced tremendous pressure from Progressives to move their platform to the left. Senator Bernie Sanders has infiltrated the party and has called upon his Progressive legions to perform a hostile takeover of this party in shambles.

Sanders position in the party, while still being out of the party, has caused a tremendous amount of confusion. One could even go so far to say that the party has been split into two factions, traditional Democrats who are so blindly loyal that they simply refuse to acknowledge that there is a problem, even as their party just endured a historic beating at the hands of an equally splintered GOP and a Progressive wing of the party, that is so disgusted by their antics, that they refuse to even identify themselves as Democrats and simply refer to themselves…

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Hurricane Irma: Trump pauses in Florida visit to urge Scott Senate bid

Fuck Rick Scott!

Post On Politics

Gov. Rick Scott with Donald Trump in New York during the presidential transition.

President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump and Vice President Mike Pence have landed in Fort Myers to inspect Hurricane Irma damage there and in Naples and talk to Floridians affected by the storm.

Trump also took time to put in a political plug — as he did during his last Florida visit in June — for Florida Gov. Rick Scott to run for Senate next year against Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson.

“The job he’s done is incredible,” Trump said of Scott’s handling of Hurricane Irma.

Scott faces term limits as governor next year and is expected to challenge Nelson, but has not opened a campaign.

“I have to say that, what do I know, but I hope this man right here, Rick Scott, runs for the Senate. I don’t know what he’s going to do…

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Building a Party Progressives Can Call Home

Progressive Voices of Iowa

By Scott Galindez, Reader Supported News

26 May 17

kay, so I am a dreamer, I’m idealistic, a tree hugger, a bleeding heart, and I probably care too much. I believe in shared responsibility. Republicans are proud to stand for individual responsibility. Republicans want lower taxes and, they say, smaller government. The reality though is they want the government to focus on supporting big business. Progressives and many liberals want to focus on the needs of individuals.

We believe the government should concentrate on healthcare, education, housing, environmental protection and ending poverty. That is why progressives tend to support labor, and the GOP supports management. That is why progressives support universal healthcare, and the Republicans want people to save their money and take care of themselves.

Far too often Democrats are trying to appear friendly to management and corporate America, and in the process, they are leaving workers and the…

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DNC lawsuit: “you’re morons to believe us” — PART 1 of 3


The Florida Squeeze

In the matter of the DNC fraud lawsuit, the absolute worst outcome for the Democratic Party would be to win their argument for dismissal. And yet, if it isn’t dismissed Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the DNC will still be in a world of hurt.

PHOTO BY: Brook Hines

Arguments for dismissal of the DNC fraud lawsuit were delivered Tuesday, April 25 in the United States District Court, Southern District of Florida, before the Hon. William J. Zloch. After reading the complaint and the transcript for dismissal, it’s clear to me that the DNC has been caught in a catch-22.  From a legal standpoint, the only hope the DNC has is to win dismissal. If they lose the argument for dismissal, the whole matter will go to trial. This means Democratic Party elites will be called to take the stand (and respond to discovery) under penalty of perjury. Donna Brazile and Debbie Wasserman Schultz will…

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DNC lawsuit: DNC won’t answer court’s basic question about state primary deals — Part 2 of 3

The Florida Squeeze

There’s a curious exchange in the DNC fraud lawsuit transcript of motion to dismiss. It’s between counsel for defense Bruce Spiva and Judge William Zloch. After opening statements, the judge asks DNC counsel an ostensibly simple question that can be summed up as, “Explain the DNC relationship with primaries at the state level.” I thought, ‘well this is going to be boilerplate,’ and started to skim ahead. But then I noticed the DNC’s attorney stumbles through nine re-phrasings of the original question without offering a straight answer.

This should have been the easiest question of the day: “How does your client do its job?” Ten times the judge asked Spiva to explain the working relationship with the DNC and the primary process in the states. Ten times Spiva gave vague and confusing answers.

Here are attempts 2-4:

  1. THE COURT: Does the DNC help to fund the state primaries?
  2. MR. SPIVA: Uhm, you mean literally, the mechanics of the primaries, your Honor, the…

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Demand DNC Allow FBI to Examine Hacked Servers

"no doubt about it that nut's a genius"

So you thought this was all taken care of months ago? Guess again, nope. The DNC STILL hasn’t turned the “Hacked Servers” over to the FBI. This is a criminal case regarding voting in the USA during the 2016 Presidential Election. The claim by the DNC and Hillary Clinton is that Vladimir Putin and the Russian Government hacked into the US elections in order to  change the outcome. Specifically, the DNC is saying the Russian Government hacked into the computers of the DNC and made you, the voter, vote for Trump. As ridiculous as that might sound this is their claim, kinda=, sorta, the claim they want you to think. Yet they have not turned over one computer or server requested by the FBI while they continue to make you think this claim.

So, is there are there there? What I have posted below is a time line of the…

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Is Capitalism Fading? | Democracy at Work

JoAnn Chateau

Prof. Richard D. Wolff says, “We live in very interesting times.” In this month’s Global Capitalism lecture, he talks about the signs of a desperate capitalist system and the signs of movement, which present an opportunity for us.

The last ten minutes are presented here. You can catch the entire lecture on Youtube…

Global Capitalism: Is Capitalism Fading? [MARCH 2017] | Democracy at Work

“These programs begin with 30 minutes of short updates on important economic events of the last month, then Wolff analyzes several major economic issues. This month, these issues will include:

1. Lessons from the earlier fadings of slave and feudal economic systems.
2. Losing supporters, losing legitimacy: Obama, Occupy, Bernie, Trump.
3. Honoring International Women’s Day: System change and US women.

Our goal: To develop all participants’ understanding and ability to explain current economic events and trends to others. We open the floor to questions…

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How Reagan Crushed Gun Rights in California

Armory of the Revolution

black panthersCalifornia was an open carry state until Ronald Reagan was governor.

Gun nuts and Republicans lionize Reagan as a staunch defender of the Second Amendment and the right of every citizen to keep and bear arms.

Most, however, either do not remember Reagan or are very hazy on their history.

Ronald Reagan banned open carry in California!

Reagan and his henchmen were all in favor of open carry until blacks started carrying.

Specifically, the Black Panthers.

The Black Panthers showed up at the California capitol armed.

OMG! Black people with guns! Almost overnight the California legislature sent Reagan a bill to ban open carry.

Reagan signed it.

It amuses me no end when I hear Republicans complain about restrictions on guns and in the next breath extol Ronald Reagan.

But it shouldn’t surprise me. Reagan is a myth. Republican re-constructionists have created a legacy for Reagan out of whole cloth…

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