#DemExit Equals Surrender


Armory of the Revolution


The American political system discourages minor political parties. Unlike parliamentary democracies, our system of government does not allow for coalition governments. Under parliamentary systems, the executive branch of government is synonymous with the legislative branch. They are one and the same. Under the US Constitution, the executive branch is the president, who is elected independently of the election of the legislative branch, the Congress.

Because Congress does not select the president, and has no direct control of the Executive Branch of American government, there is no ability of Congress to bring down a government through votes of No Confidence. Similarly, no coalition of Members of Congress can replace the president.

Under parliamentary democracies, minor parties can enter into ruling coalitions, bring down governments, influence government policies.

In the US, minor parties are political gadflies, ignored by the media and the voters.

A third party has never elected an American president. 

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Schoolyard Bullies and the Cowards Who Run Away

Armory of the Revolution


The Democratic leadership is like a gang of schoolyard bullies who run roughshod over the other kids on the playground. Few of the others have the courage or the wherewithal to stand up to them.

And many just run away.

The whole school full of kids is not the enemy, just as everyone who is a Democrat is not the enemy.

But the kids who run away, just like the Democrats who run away, are blaming their fellows for the actions of the bullies.

Hillary’s corrupt DNC managed to prevent Bernie from winning the nomination. They showed their true colors as bullies, liars, and thugs.

In frustration, many progressives threw tantrums and ran away.

They started the ridiculous #DemExit move to leave the Democratic party. Basically, they ran away from the bullies.

The entire corrupt Democratic organization is held in place by bribery. Special interests, Wall Street, Big Pharma, Big…

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Trump and Climate Change

#DisasterCapitalism #ClimateJustice

Armory of the Revolution


The most delusional lie ever told is that politicians can impact climate change.

Campaigning on promises of saving the planet and making the world better for our grandchildren is nothing but a hoax. Last year, Hillary Clinton did just that.

We are in the Holocene Extinction, the sixth mass extinction in the planet’s history, It has been primarily caused by the industrial revolution (read: capitalism).

Scrambling to change to green energy, decreasing our carbon footprints, reducing greenhouse gas emissions etc, are like trying to turn the tide with teacups. It is pissing into the wind. It won’t make a difference at all,

And Hillary knew it.

Trump, on the other hand, doesn’t care.

But the effect of either of them in office would not change the climate or slow the inevitable destruction that is coming.

Neither Trump nor Hillary would do anything about climate change.

Hillary could not. Donald will…

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Establishment Democrats Are Focusing on Trump So Progressives Don’t Focus on Them

#Fauxgressives #ConservaDems #EstablishmentDems

Armory of the Revolution


Establishment Democrats are inciting the public over Trump’s immigration policies and his so called “pro-life” positions, but are silent as church mice when it comes to Trump’s Wall Street appointees, Big Oil Secretary of State, militarist Secretary of Defense, chicken slaughtering Secretary of Agriculture, or his wild horse murdering Secretary of Interior.

Establishment Democrats are hoping to create a frenzy of opposition to Trump on social issues, planning to divert the public’s attention from the fact that Trump and Wall Street Democrats are virtually indistinguishable on economic issues.

If they can keep the public focused on immigration and women’s issues, they hope to be able to nominate another Wall Street whore in 2020, disguised as a liberal.

It is to that end that the media is dwelling on the Hillbots in the streets, on talk shows, on social media, on late night TV.

Progressives need to focus on our primary goal: taking…

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Jesus Was A Socialist | The Huffington Post



A brief and succinct history of American Democratic Socialism — and how Christian leaders led the way. A rational, eye-opening, great read! Please share. ❤ Happy New Year!

Jesus Was A Socialist | The Huffington Post

“The idea of Christian socialism has a long and proud tradition. As capitalism emerged in the mid-1800s, many of its fiercest critics based their ideas on Jesus’ teachings…

…Including labor leader Eugene Debs, settlement house founder Jane Addams, Rev. Walter Rauschenbusch, and Helen Keller — rooted their views in their Christian faith, which became known as “social gospel.” Indeed, many of the leaders of America’s socialist movement, including Norman Thomas (1884-1968) — who ran for president five times on the Socialist Party ticket and was often called “America’s conscience” — were Protestant clergy…

Today’s democratic socialists believe in private enterprise but think it should be subject to rules that guarantee businesses act responsibly. Banks…

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Don’t Pop. Adopt!

Armory of the Revolution


Popping out” babies is an Americanism for giving birth, for the edification of my friends around the globe.

Whatever China’s faults, the Chinese are enlightened, and leading the world in population control. China’s policy of one child per family should be embraced by every government on Earth.

Human population is surging toward 8 billion people. The environmental costs of such a world population are catastrophic. While some people tread more lightly upon the Earth than do others, most of the world’s people live under capitalism, an economic system that ensures people tread very heavily upon the Earth. Capitalism is the author of almost all environmental destruction, almost all animal cruelty, exploitation, and death, almost all poverty and human suffering.

The Catholic church is one of the worst enemies of our planet. It’s teachings against birth control and abortion results in huge families in Third World nations, exacerbating poverty, pollution…

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Fidel Castro Defies US Imperialism Even in Death — OffGuardian

by Finian Cunningham at StrategicCulture.com At age 90, Fidel Castro passed away after decades of heroic struggle for social justice, not just for his native Cuba but for all people around the world. Even in his final decade of illness, the iconic revolutionary was still actively fighting; writing articles on international politics and upholding the […]

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Guardian sells space to war-profiteers to promote war

#Presstitutes #WarProfiteers #Imperialism


by Kit


It seems like all I do these days is skim through the “about” pages of an endless list of NGOs with countless varieties of the same name, looking for the same half-a-dozen funds, endowments, organisations, slogans, mottos and buzzwords that always appear. It’s got to the point where it’s simply a matter of ticking off the items on a shopping list.

The National Endowment for Democracy…check.
The International Monetary Fund…check.
George Soros…check.

It’s always the same. It has come to the point where, if the “Our Partners” section of an organization with a vaguely benign-sounding name, along the lines of Middle East Fund for Democracy and Liberty or somethingorother, DIDN’T contain a reference to George Soros’ Open Society Foundation or the World Bank…I just wouldn’t be able to contain my shock.

Checking up on the sources and organisations behind this opinion piece on the Guardian yesterday morning (September…

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