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Demand DNC Allow FBI to Examine Hacked Servers

"no doubt about it that nut's a genius"

So you thought this was all taken care of months ago? Guess again, nope. The DNC STILL hasn’t turned the “Hacked Servers” over to the FBI. This is a criminal case regarding voting in the USA during the 2016 Presidential Election. The claim by the DNC and Hillary Clinton is that Vladimir Putin and the Russian Government hacked into the US elections in order to  change the outcome. Specifically, the DNC is saying the Russian Government hacked into the computers of the DNC and made you, the voter, vote for Trump. As ridiculous as that might sound this is their claim, kinda=, sorta, the claim they want you to think. Yet they have not turned over one computer or server requested by the FBI while they continue to make you think this claim.

So, is there are there there? What I have posted below is a time line of the…

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