How Reagan Crushed Gun Rights in California

Armory of the Revolution

black panthersCalifornia was an open carry state until Ronald Reagan was governor.

Gun nuts and Republicans lionize Reagan as a staunch defender of the Second Amendment and the right of every citizen to keep and bear arms.

Most, however, either do not remember Reagan or are very hazy on their history.

Ronald Reagan banned open carry in California!

Reagan and his henchmen were all in favor of open carry until blacks started carrying.

Specifically, the Black Panthers.

The Black Panthers showed up at the California capitol armed.

OMG! Black people with guns! Almost overnight the California legislature sent Reagan a bill to ban open carry.

Reagan signed it.

It amuses me no end when I hear Republicans complain about restrictions on guns and in the next breath extol Ronald Reagan.

But it shouldn’t surprise me. Reagan is a myth. Republican re-constructionists have created a legacy for Reagan out of whole cloth…

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