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Building a Party Progressives Can Call Home

Progressive Voices of Iowa

By Scott Galindez, Reader Supported News

26 May 17

kay, so I am a dreamer, I’m idealistic, a tree hugger, a bleeding heart, and I probably care too much. I believe in shared responsibility. Republicans are proud to stand for individual responsibility. Republicans want lower taxes and, they say, smaller government. The reality though is they want the government to focus on supporting big business. Progressives and many liberals want to focus on the needs of individuals.

We believe the government should concentrate on healthcare, education, housing, environmental protection and ending poverty. That is why progressives tend to support labor, and the GOP supports management. That is why progressives support universal healthcare, and the Republicans want people to save their money and take care of themselves.

Far too often Democrats are trying to appear friendly to management and corporate America, and in the process, they are leaving workers and the…

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