#DemExit Equals Surrender


Armory of the Revolution


The American political system discourages minor political parties. Unlike parliamentary democracies, our system of government does not allow for coalition governments. Under parliamentary systems, the executive branch of government is synonymous with the legislative branch. They are one and the same. Under the US Constitution, the executive branch is the president, who is elected independently of the election of the legislative branch, the Congress.

Because Congress does not select the president, and has no direct control of the Executive Branch of American government, there is no ability of Congress to bring down a government through votes of No Confidence. Similarly, no coalition of Members of Congress can replace the president.

Under parliamentary democracies, minor parties can enter into ruling coalitions, bring down governments, influence government policies.

In the US, minor parties are political gadflies, ignored by the media and the voters.

A third party has never elected an American president. 

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