Don’t Pop. Adopt!

Armory of the Revolution


Popping out” babies is an Americanism for giving birth, for the edification of my friends around the globe.

Whatever China’s faults, the Chinese are enlightened, and leading the world in population control. China’s policy of one child per family should be embraced by every government on Earth.

Human population is surging toward 8 billion people. The environmental costs of such a world population are catastrophic. While some people tread more lightly upon the Earth than do others, most of the world’s people live under capitalism, an economic system that ensures people tread very heavily upon the Earth. Capitalism is the author of almost all environmental destruction, almost all animal cruelty, exploitation, and death, almost all poverty and human suffering.

The Catholic church is one of the worst enemies of our planet. It’s teachings against birth control and abortion results in huge families in Third World nations, exacerbating poverty, pollution…

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